About Us

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Daniel Baitler

Join me on a journey! I’m Daniel, one of the creators of this travel and hiking blog. Through vivid stories and imagery, I hope to whisk you to remarkable destinations. From my early 20s, I’ve explored diverse landscapes, sparking a cultural odyssey. This blog isn’t just about places; it’s a sensory adventure—markets bustling, mountaintops misty, and beaches sun-soaked.

Hiking is my passion, offering challenges and a deep bond with nature. Whether you’re a novice or pro, our guides provide practical tips and inspiration.

But it’s the people who color my travels. I celebrate encounters—from fellow adventurers to locals shaping destinations’ hearts. Join me, whether you’re seasoned or new, for inspiration and insights into your own journeys!

Michael Rieger

Hey there! I’m Michael, a mid-twenties adventurer who’s always had a deep love for hiking and camping. From camping in my parents’ garden as a kid to exploring various landscapes, I’ve embraced the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

Now, I’m excited to share my experiences, tips, and the joy of outdoor exploration through this blog. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to camping, join us on this journey of discovery. Let’s find inspiration, connect with nature, and make memories together. Happy trails!

We work together with some great minds to make your camping experience worthwhile. If you ever have any ideas, tips or critic please feel free to contact us at contact@camphikeconnect.com.