5 Best Propane Camp Stove: Top Picks for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

When we venture into the great outdoors, the allure of freshly cooked meals enhances supported by our Best Propane the experience. Propane camp stoves have revolutionized outdoor cooking with their convenience and ease of use, allowing us to enjoy hearty meals away from home. A reliable camp stove is an invaluable companion for outdoor enthusiasts, providing the ability to cook under the stars just as comfortably as in our own kitchens.

We’ve dedicated time to testing and evaluating a range of models, ensuring we recommend a propane camp stove that balances convenience with performance. Whether you need a lightweight stove for trekking or a robust table-top model for gourmet campfire cooking, our findings aim to help you make an informed decision so that your next meal in the wilderness is nothing short of delicious.

Best Propane Camp Stove

1. Coleman Triton Stove

Amazons Choice
Coleman Triton ML 2 Burner Stove


  • Wind guards offer robust protection for consistent flame
  • Chrome-plated grate simplifies the cleaning process
  • Setup and start-up are straightforward and user-friendly


  • On the heavier side for backpacking excursions
  • Manual lighting is necessary; no automatic ignition
  • Lid and sidewalls could be sturdier to enhance durability

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05/14/2024 04:25 pm GMT

Ever since we unpacked our new Coleman Triton Stove, our camping trips have been a breeze when it comes to meal prep. Its portability eased our load, yet it remained an indispensable companion at the campsite. The two wind guards really stood their ground, keeping the flame steady even when breezes sought to disrupt our cooking.

What we appreciated most was the ease of cleaning. Fortunately, the removable chrome-plated grate meant we could wipe away messes without the elbow grease.

However, it’s noteworthy to mention that if you aim for ultra-lightweight gear, this stove might tip your scales. It’s not a burden for car camping but could be taxing if you’re trekking. Plus, remember to pack a lighter, as this model requires manual ignition—a minor inconvenience compared to the overall quality and performance. Despite a few areas where fortitude could be bolstered, the stove held up admirably and neatly folded into a compact form, ready for the next outing. We’ve enjoyed many a pancake breakfast and savored coffee at sunrise with this handy stove—truly an addition we wouldn’t want to miss.

2. Coleman Fold N Go Stove

Light & Easy Pick
Portable Folding 2-Burner Propane Camping Stove


  • Quick and easy InstaStart ignition
  • Ample cooking power with two burners
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for travel


  • Wind can affect cooking time
  • Can be awkward to close and latch
  • Burner design may not fit all pot types

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05/14/2024 04:40 pm GMT

We recently got our hands on the Coleman Fold N Go Stove, and its compact design immediately appealed to us. Stashing it in our trunk was a breeze, and once at our campsite, the setup was just as smooth.

The stove’s InstaStart ignition allows us to get cooking without fumbling for matches, which is a godsend on breezy evenings. Each burner fires up to a powerful 10,000 BTUs which means boiling, frying, and sautéeing are done in a snap; no need to wait around while our stomachs grumble.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Fold N Go isn’t immune to the whims of Mother Nature. A strong wind can mean uneven cooking or longer boiling times. A homemade aluminum foil windbreak has become our quick fix.

And finally, the stove’s sleek burner design is a double-edged sword. While it accommodates flat-bottomed cookware with ease, those with round-bottomed pots might struggle to balance their cookware. Adapting is key — we’ve found a flat griddle becomes the unfolding stage for pancakes, bacon, and eggs, a workaround that transforms limitation into culinary possibility.

In the end, a piece of gear that combines portability with such robust cooking power is hard to come by. The Fold N Go has earned a spot in our outdoor gear repertoire. Despite its quirks, it’s a strong companion for those open-sky meals that are the highlight of every camping trip.

3. Gas One GS-3400P Stove

Budget BestSeller
Propane// Butane Dual Fuel Stove Portable Camping Stove


  • Dual fuel flexibility allows for easy switching between butane and propane
  • The automatic ignition system means no fumbling for matches or lighters
  • Compact design with a sturdy carrying case simplifies transportation and storage


  • Some users may prefer a higher BTU unit for more intense cooking needs
  • The small form factor might not suit large pots or pans as comfortably
  • Requires careful placement on a level surface to ensure stability and safety

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05/14/2024 05:25 pm GMT

Navigating through meal preparation, what stood out was the stove’s ease of use. Adjusting the heat dial delivered a precise control over our cooking, something that isn’t always guaranteed with outdoor stoves. We found that the piezo-electric ignition was a game-changer, swiftly lighting up the stove without us having to risk singed fingers.

The thoughtfulness of the design, especially the built-in safety features, gave us peace of mind. We appreciated that Gas One included a cartridge ejection system – it’s clever ways like this that prevent accidents, making our outing not just fun, but safe.

In essence, this little stove served us well, proving that the best propane camp stove doesn’t need to be bulky or overly complicated to meet our adventurous culinary needs.

4. Coleman Triton 2 Burner Propane Gas Camping Stove

Gourmets Choice
Coleman Triton 2 Burner Propane Gas Camping Stove


  • Easy ignition with the push-button start
  • Independently adjustable burners for versatile cooking
  • Compact and easy to transport with a sturdy latch


  • Requires a separate purchase of a propane cylinder
  • Might be bulkier than some ultra-light options
  • Wind guards are helpful but not foolproof in strong gusts

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05/15/2024 03:15 pm GMT

There’s something about effortlessly igniting the burner with a simple push of a button that makes setting up camp feel less like a chore and more like the beginning of an adventure.

The twin burners have individual controls letting us simmer a sauce on one while boiling water on the other, ensuring that each meal spotlights our outdoor culinary skills. Keeping the flame steady despite a capricious breeze is a task, but the wind guards add a layer of defense—not a fortress against gales, but they do a decent job.

Its sturdy nature, though, means it’s not lightweight; if you’re looking to shave off every ounce for a backcountry trek, this might not be for you. However, for car camping and picnics, it’s been nothing short of a trusty sidekick. The simplicity and convenience outweigh any drawbacks, making the Coleman Triton+ a solid choice for most outdoor cooking needs.

5. Fire-Maple “Fixed Star 1”

BackPacker Companion
Backpacking and Camping Stove System


  • Integrated and easy-to-use setup including with heating system and coffee maker
  • Compact and Light with all accessories fitting in a 1l bowl
  • Durable Setup with aluminum pot and stainless steel handles
  • Multi-purpose use possible


  • The canister needs to be provided separately

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 03:59 pm GMT

This little dynamo recently accompanied us on a weekend getaway. Despite the gusty conditions that would ruffle any camper’s feathers, our Fire-Maple stove quickly brought water to a rolling boil. Morning coffee was ready in a jiff, and we spent more time savoring the sunrise than waiting for our brew.

The next impressive feature is its portability. At just 18 ounces, this stove system fits snugly into our pack without adding unneeded bulk. Lastly, the simplicity of this stove sealed the deal, and the flame came to life, thanks to its built-in piezo ignitor. However, keep in mind that the ignitor isn’t flawless — on occasion, we resorted to manually sparking life into our stove with a lighter.

In essence, whether you’re trekking through mountains or prepping for a serene lakeside campfire, the Fire-Maple “Fixed Star 1” is a trustworthy companion for quick, hot meals outdoors. Just remember to snag a fuel canister on your way out!

Buying Guide

When we’re on the lookout for the best propane camp stove, it’s essential to consider several key features that can make or break our outdoor cooking experience. Here’s what we should keep an eye on:

Heat Output

Heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Higher BTUs mean the stove can produce more heat, which is useful for boiling water quickly or cooking larger meals.

  • Low: Up to 10,000 BTUs
  • Medium: 10,000 – 20,000 BTUs
  • High: Over 20,000 BTUs

Burner Control

The ability to adjust the flame precisely can mean the difference between a well-cooked meal and a burnt one. Look for stoves with smooth, adjustable controls.


A good stove should have a stable base to accommodate different sizes of cookware without the risk of tipping over.

Stability FeatureBenefit
Wide BaseReduces risk of tipping
Wind GuardsMaintains flame stability
Sturdy BuildEnsures longevity


If we plan on hiking or moving around a lot, we want a stove that’s light and compact.

  • Weight: Lighter stoves are less than 5 pounds.
  • Size: Compact stoves are easily packable.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is vital for extended trips. Efficient stoves use less propane, saving money and reducing the need to carry extra fuel.

Ease of Cleaning

Look for stoves with simple designs and removable parts that make cleaning less of a chore after cooking.

Note: Always check for the stove’s compatibility with the propane canister size you plan to use. Not all stoves fit all sizes of canisters.

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Happy camping!

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