Stone Mountain State Park Camping: Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!

We’ve discovered an awesome place for outdoor enthusiasts in North Carolina, and we’re thrilled to share it with you! Nestled within the rich landscape of Roaring Gap is Stone Mountain State Park, an ideal destination for those eager to escape into nature’s embrace. The park’s stunning granite dome stands proudly as a testament to the natural beauty that NC 28668 has to offer, setting a picturesque backdrop for a Stone Mountain State Park Camping adventure you’ll never forget.

Campers setting up tents near a lake, surrounded by towering trees and rocky mountains in Stone Mountain State Park

At Stone Mountain State Park, we can set up our tents under a canopy of stars, with the allure of adventure just steps away. As we explore over 18 miles of trails, we’ll be greeted by cascading waterfalls and awe-inspiring vistas. The park’s robust camping facilities beckon us to truly connect with the wilderness, as we share stories by the campfire and make memories along the meandering banks of the East Prong Roaring River.

Along Frank Parkway, our journey leads us through a landscape steeped in history and tradition, where we can revel in the rustic charm of the park’s infrastructure, designed to complement the natural environment. Whether we’re seasoned campers or trying it for the first time, Stone Mountain State Park offers a variety of camping options to suit every level of outdoor experience. From group camps to RV hookups, our stay promises a mix of comfort and adventure in one of North Carolina’s most treasured natural playgrounds.

Getting to Stone Mountain State Park

Visitors arriving at Stone Mountain State Park, setting up tents for camping

We’re on our way to an exciting outdoor adventure at Stone Mountain State Park! Nestled in the heart of Alleghany County, this scenic park promises an immersive camping experience. Let’s make sure we get there without a hitch.

3042 Frank Parkway
Roaring Gap, NC 28668

Directions from I-77:

  • Take Exit #83/Hwy 21 North towards Sparta/Roaring Gap.
  • Drive north for about 13 miles to Traphill Road (State Road 1002) and turn left.
  • After about 4 miles, turn right onto John P Frank Parkway. Look out for state park signs – they’ll guide you straight to the park!

Park Access: The park is accessible 24 hours via Royal Camp Lane. This lane is your direct route and it’s conveniently located to the right of the main park gate on John P. Frank Parkway. Whenever we arrive, the beauty of Stone Mountain State Park is ready to welcome us!

Roads to KnowDescription
John P. Frank ParkwayThe main road leading to the park entrance.
Traphill Road (State Road 1002)The turn-off from Hwy 21. Follow park signs.
Royal Camp Lane24-hour campground access point.

Remember, in case of any emergencies in the campground after hours, dial 911. They’ll dispatch an on-call ranger to assist us. Let’s hit the road and breathe in the fresh mountain air at our beloved Stone Mountain State Park. See you there!

Camping Options Overview

The scene depicts Stone Mountain State Park camping options, with various tents and RVs set up among the trees and near the mountain

We have a variety of camping options to suit every outdoor enthusiast’s preference at Stone Mountain State Park. Whether you’re bringing an RV, pitching a tent, or looking for a more primitive hike-in experience, we’ve got you covered.

RV Camping

Our RV sites are perfect for those who prefer the comforts of home while surrounded by natureElectric hookups ensure that you can enjoy modern conveniences, and each site includes a picnic table and fire ring for outdoor dining and cozy evenings by the fire. These spacious sites allow for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors.

Tent Camping

For the traditional campers among us, our tent sites come equipped with a tent padfire ring, and picnic table. Access to water hookups is also available. Set up your tent on the dedicated pad, and you’re all set for a memorable camping adventure amidst the park’s natural beauty.

Hike-In and Backpack Camping

Adventurers seeking a more secluded experience can choose our hike-in and backpack camping options. These sites are typically first-come, first-served and provide a chance to escape the beaten path. Bring your essentials and immerse yourself in the serene environment.

Group Sites

Our group sites cater to larger gatherings, allowing up to 25 people per site. Equipped with electric hookups and multiple picnic tables, these sites are ideal for family reunions or group outings where everyone can enjoy bonding around a shared fire ring.

Campground Amenities

The stone mountain state park campground amenities include fire pits, picnic tables, and clean restroom facilities

We can’t wait to share with you the impressive range of amenities that Stone Mountain State Park offers to ensure your camping experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Restrooms and Showers

At our campground, maintaining a state of cleanliness is a top priority. Each campsite is within easy walking distance to restrooms and hot showers. These facilities are kept neat and are well-lit, so whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you’ll have access to the comforts of home.

  • Restrooms: Clean and accessible
  • Showers: Hot showers available

Picnicking Facilities

Are you ready for an al fresco dining experience surrounded by nature? We’ve got you covered with our well-maintained picnic area. Each site comes with a picnic table, so you can enjoy your meals amidst the beauty of Stone Mountain State Park.

  • Picnic tables: At every site

Waste Management

We’re committed to preserving the natural beauty of our environment, which is why we provide convenient waste management solutions. You will find strategically placed trash bins throughout the campground, making it easy for you to help us keep the park clean. Additionally, an RV dump station is available for the responsible disposal of waste.

  • Trash Bins: Available for campsite use
  • Dump Station: For RV waste disposal

Outdoor Activities

Campers setting up tents near a lake, surrounded by lush green trees and rocky mountains at Stone Mountain State Park

Stone Mountain State Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, boasting a wide array of activities set against a backdrop of stunning scenery. Together, we’ll explore the rugged beauty of this North Carolina gem, from the majestic peaks to the serene waterfalls.

Hiking and Trails

Stone Mountain State Park features over 18 miles of designated trails, ranging from leisurely strolls to more strenuous treks. The Stone Mountain Loop Trail is a favorite among hikers, offering a 4.5-mile journey past the 600-foot granite dome and a close-up view of the breathtaking Stone Mountain Falls. For a more secluded trek, we can venture along the Widow’s Creek Trail, a connector that serves up rugged landscapes without the crowds.

Waterfalls Exploration

We’re in for a treat at Stone Mountain State Park as several waterfalls, including the towering Stone Mountain Falls, await our discovery. Middle Falls and Lower Falls are hidden treasures, nestling within the park’s woodlands. These cascades are accessible via the park’s trails, providing us with spectacular photo opportunities and the chance to immerse ourselves in the serene sounds of nature.

Fishing and Streams

Anglers can rejoice in the tranquil waters of Stone Mountain State Park. Streams such as Big Sandy Creek are teeming with trout, making the park a prime spot for fishing. Whether we are fly-fishing aficionados or first-time fishers, the park’s clear streams offer the perfect setting for a day to cast our lines and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

For adrenaline-seekers, rock climbing and bouldering on Stone Mountain’s iconic granite face is an experience we won’t forget. With challenging routes and a spectacular view, both seasoned climbers and novices can find something that suits their skill level. Remember that climbing activities require a permit, so let’s make sure we are prepared before we ascend.

Horseback Riding

Discover Stone Mountain State Park from a different perspective on horseback riding trails. Though we have to bring our own horses, the park’s bridle trails offer a unique way to navigate the rugged terrain and explore the lush landscapes. Doughton Park, nearby, provides additional equestrian trails for an extended adventure through the North Carolina high country.

With nature’s playground at our fingertips, we have the perfect setting for our next outdoor adventure. Let’s go experience the splendors of Stone Mountain State Park together!

Camping Preparation and Guidelines

Campers setting up tents, organizing gear, and reviewing park guidelines at Stone Mountain State Park

Before we set out for an adventure at Stone Mountain State Park, it’s key that we pack wisely, know the fundamentals of Leave No Trace, and stay informed about fire regulations and wildlife interactions. Whether we’re pitching a tent or parking an RV, following these guidelines will ensure our camping trip is both enjoyable and environmentally conscious.

Leave No Trace Principles

Adhering to Leave No Trace principles is essential to preserving the natural beauty of Stone Mountain. Here’s how we can minimize our impact:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare: Know the regulations and special concerns for the area. Prepare for extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies.
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces: Camp on established sites or platforms. Keep campsites small and focus activity in areas where vegetation is absent.

Safety and Wildlife

We want to have fun while staying safe. Here are some important points:

  • Be Prepared: Bring a first aid kit, know the signs of hypothermia, and always have a plan for how to contact emergency services.
  • Coexist with Wildlife: Store our food safely and observe animals from a distance. Feeding wildlife is a big no-no and can endanger both us and the animals.

Firewood and Campfires

Gathering around a campfire is one of the joys of camping, but let’s do it responsibly:

  • Firewood: Purchase local firewood or gather it responsibly if permitted to prevent the spread of pests and disease.
  • Campfires: Keep fires small and manageable. Never leave a fire unattended, and extinguish it completely before leaving the site.

Park Facilities and Visitor Information

The scene features park facilities such as camping sites, picnic areas, and visitor information center at Stone Mountain State Park

At Stone Mountain State Park, we’re thrilled to share our wealth of facilities that cater to both adventure and history enthusiasts. From the comprehensive Visitor Center to historic landmarks like the Hutchinson Homestead, our park is a gateway to exploring the rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rich heritage of North Carolina.

Visitor Center and Exhibits

Visitor Center: When you arrive, make the Visitor Center your first stop. Here you’ll find a range of exhibits that depict the natural and cultural history of the park. It’s where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating geology that formed the iconic granite dome and learn more about the flora and fauna that call this area home.

Accessibility and Parking

Parking and Accessibility: We’ve ensured ample parking for all our guests, including spaces designated for those with limited mobility. Easy access to the park’s facilities makes it convenient for every visitor to enjoy the natural splendor of Stone Mountain.

Historic Sites and Landmarks

Historic Sites: Step back in time at the Hutchinson Homestead, a restored mid-19th-century farmstead that offers a glimpse into the past lives of the park’s early settlers. Don’t miss the Garden Creek Baptist Church, another significant landmark that continues to stand as a testament to the area’s history.

Picnicking and Landmarks: For those who want to relax, we offer numerous picnicking areas against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s not just a meal; it’s a feast for the eyes as you dine surrounded by breathtaking views.

Reservation and Admission Details

Campground entrance sign with reservation kiosk and admission details displayed. Trees and mountains in the background

We’re thrilled to share that securing a spot for camping at Stone Mountain State Park is a breeze! Whether you’re a planner or more spontaneous, there’s room for everyone—just make sure to book reservations for your preferred campsite. Here’s what you need to know:

Reservation Options:

Admission Information:

  • Entrance Fee: None. Enjoy free entry to the park!
  • Check-In: Remember to check in at the lower trailhead parking upon arrival.
  • After-Hours Access: If you’re arriving late, not to worry—our campground offers 24-hour access.


  • Walk-In Sites: For those who love a bit more adventure and seclusion, our walk-in sites near Widow’s Creek Trail are perfect.

Key Details:

  • Non-Electric Sites: Get back to nature with our rustic camping experience.
  • Group Camping: Organizing a trip with friends or family? Group sites are also available for reservation.

We can’t wait to see you set up camp and enjoy the great outdoors with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

A campsite at Stone Mountain State Park with tents, a campfire, and hikers exploring the surrounding trails. The park's iconic granite rock face looms in the background

We’re thrilled to share everything you need to know about your upcoming camping adventure at Stone Mountain State Park! Peek through these FAQs to get the scoop on rates, cabin availability, reservations, and more!

What are the current rates for camping at Stone Mountain State Park?

Rates for campsites at Stone Mountain State Park often vary by type and season. To get the most accurate pricing, it’s best to check the current rates before planning your visit.

Can you tell me about the availability of cabins at Stone Mountain State Park?

While Stone Mountain State Park boasts a variety of camping options, it doesn’t include cabin accommodations. However, nearby lodging options may be available for those preferring a more solid structure over tent or RV camping.

How can I reserve a campsite at Stone Mountain State Park?

Reserving a campsite is a breeze; you can book your spot online through the park’s reservation system. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance, ensuring your perfect camping spot is secured.

Is there a map of the Stone Mountain State Park Campground available online?

Absolutely! A campground map can easily be found online, helping you to pick the ideal site and navigate the park’s grounds effectively during your stay.

What amenities are provided at Stone Mountain Campground?

Stone Mountain Campground offers a range of amenities, including picnic tables, grills, and clean restroom facilities. A detailed list of the amenities specific to the campground can be found by exploring the campground’s web page.

What are Stone Mountain State Park’s hours of operation for campers?

Campers can enjoy 24-hour access to the campground via Royal Camp Lane. For detailed park hours and any access concerns, visitors should consult the park’s main page.

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